Forum Köpenick

  • Fläche: ca. 40.600 m²
  • Ankermieter: H&M, REWE, Medi-Max, Deichmann
  • Eröffnung: 1997
  • Refurbishment: 2021-2024
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Rathaus-Center Pankow

Rathaus-Center Pankow

  • Fläche: ca.  29.598 m²
  • Ankermieter: Kaufland, C&A
  • Eröffnung: 1999
  • Refurbishment: 2022/23
  • Erweiterung um 2.000 m²: 2023
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Referenzen DI-Gruppe Retail


  • Fläche: ca.  45.524 m²
  • Ankermieter: Real, Aldi, Toom, Medimax
  • Eröffnung: 1993
  • Refurbishment: 2016
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DI-Gruppe Shoppingcenter LIO Berlin

LIO Berlin

  • Fläche: ca. 12.560 m²
  • Ankermieter: REWE, ALDI, C&A, Rossmann, Woolworth, Reno, Elixia
  • Eröffnung: 2007
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Jagdfeld Real Estate | Retail: Why We

When retail properties are not only successful are successful, but
bring joy
that is music to our ears. Does that sound good to you too? Then let’s make a difference together!

Our services

Benefit from our comprehensive retail expertise:

  • Senior-led and -staffed teams with many years of industry experience
  • Thinking entrepreneurial actionfrom the experience of our own real estate
  • High depth of service in the entire real estate value chain even in complex asset structures
  • Fast asset service with in-depth analyses by our interdisciplinary teams
  • Excellent network for quick letting successes in your retail properties
  • Daily updated reports and precise cash flow, OPEX and CAPEX forecasts for your well-founded portfolio management
  • Globally unique neuromarketing LIMBIC® license to optimize your customer acquisition and loyalty

Facts and figures

The most important retail management indicators:

1billion € Assets under management
37,5million center customers per year
275Retail partner
292thousand m² realized retail space
277thousand m² of retail space in property & facility management
12thousand Parking spaces in property & facility management

Retail is detail. This applies to all facets of our client support. Whether center management or leasing, with our efficient and experienced teams we generate added value for our visitors and customers from our knowledge of all the fine adjustments. We develop retail projects into a genuine third place. This benefits the success of our retail partners and store operators.

Michael Bünnagel, Head of Center & Property Management


Frequently asked questions

Which ERP system does Jagdfeld Real Estate work with?

Jagdfeld Real Estate uses management software from iMS to manage its shopping centers, retail parks and portfolios. iMS is the market leader in the field of shopping center management in Germany. However, as our customers also include subsidiaries of DAX companies, for example, we also work with SAP IS/RE classic and FX on the client’s platform, as well as on YARDI for a British customer. Our highly qualified IT team will be happy to fulfill your individual wishes, e.g. in the area of database solutions.

What types of real estate do you manage?

Jagdfeld Real Estate, with its companies Jagdfeld Real Estate Management, Jagdfeld Real Estate Living and Jagdfeld Real Estate Technical Services, covers your interdisciplinary needs in the retail, hotel, office and residential real estate sectors.
The different types of property are managed by our specialists and comprehensive solutions are designed from investment to portfolio optimization and refurbishment or expansion through to divestment.

Where does Jagdfeld Real Estate operate?

Our current focus is on Berlin, Hamburg, North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg, where we have our own offices. However, Jagdfeld Real Estate is active throughout Germany.

Do you have a 24/7 service?

For the centers we manage, your tenants generally have the option of using this service.

What services do you provide yourself?

As a rule, Jagdfeld Real Estate Management provides all services itself or with affiliated companies from Jagdfeld Real Estate. We provide the letting, center management and building services team on site as well as the central commercial and technical team – and an asset manager if required. We use this to manage your needs, fulfill the property-specific requirements and coordinate and monitor all service providers.