Asset Management

Our asset management specialists and our office experts combine their expertise like two gears that mesh together. Close cooperation provides you with office asset management that guarantees a fundamental improvement in results.

The capital invested in the object of the contract is secured and maximized by exploiting the potential for value appreciation. Depending on the entry phase, the overall value development is recorded within the life cycle of the property (purchase, portfolio optimization, sale) and the respective investment strategy is derived from this according to your specific expectations. Our investment consulting takes the following points into account when advising you:

  • Pricing
  • Planning and implementation of marketing strategy
  • Preparation of marketing documents
  • Use of address file of completed transactions
  • Direct approaches
  • Marketing reporting
  • Setting up and maintaining the data room

Reporting geared towards this and regularly updated forecasts serve to increase transparency and support the ongoing review of investment performance. Naturally, we have our own highly specialized letting and architectural team to meet this requirement.