Leasing Management

Particularly in times of upheaval, it is important not only to act in the short term, but also to keep an eye on the medium and long-term strategic perspective of a tenant portfolio. Which concepts are in demand from customers with a foreseeable trend? Does a commercial property have to remain a purely commercial property or are there more effective forms of use?

Mixed-use is a possible approach here, which represents a return to neighborhood uses long forgotten in the past. But is gastronomy the only option for substitution or are there others, perhaps better ones in terms of continuous value enhancement? Jagdfeld Real Estate has been operating with great experience and expertise in the retail, office, living and hotel asset classes for many decades and establishes the cross-connections here. We optimize your assets: in times of crisis and “peacetime”:

Our line-up

  • A leasing team with many years of experience
  • Excellent networking with expansionists in the asset classes we manage
  • Close integration with the in-house asset management and property management team
  • Strong in-house team of technicians and architects under one roof in close cooperation


Our services

  • Evaluation of the market and competitive situation
  • Setting up overall leasing concepts
  • New and follow-up rentals
  • Reallocation of space according to current requirements
  • Conducting contract negotiations with tenants
  • Development and conclusion of rental agreements
  • Optimization of the sector and tenant mix
  • Alternative utilization concepts: Gastronomy, leisure, residential, hotel
  • Creative mall marketing as an additional source of income
  • Planning, support and execution of new builds and conversions


Excerpt from our recent leasing activities:

LIO Berlin - Thalia und Pepco

31. August 2023, Düren/ Berlin



Forum Köpenick - New Yorker und H&M

17. August 2023, Düren/ Berlin

Jagdfeld Real Estate verlängert mit
„New Yorker“ und „H&M“ im Berliner
„FORUM Köpenick“


Riesapark - Woolworth

04. Juli 2023, Düren/ Riesa

Jagdfeld Real Estate gewinnt „Woolworth“ für Einkaufszentrum „Riesapark“


Rathaus Center Pankow - Schuhhändler Wittstock / SHOEART

19. Juni 2023, Düren/ Berlin

Jagdfeld Real Estate verlängert mit „SHOEART“ im Berliner „Rathaus-Center Pankow“


Teck Center - Woolworth

24. Mai 2023, Düren/ Kirchheim unter Teck

Jagdfeld Real Estate bindet „Woolworth“ erneut langfristig an das „Teck-Center“


Rathaus Center Pankow - Lindner Feinkost

15. Mai 2023, Düren/ Berlin

Jagdfeld Real Estate gewinnt „Lindner"-Feinkost für Berliner „Rathaus Center Pankow“


Forum Köpenick - IKEA Planning Studio

05. Mai 2023, Düren/ Berlin

Jagdfeld Real Estate begrüßt IKEA im „Forum Köpenick“ in Berlin


Rathaus Center Pankow - Refurbishment, TK Maxx

28. April 2023, Düren/ Berlin

Jagdfeld Real Estate schließt refurbishment des Berliner „Rathaus Center Pankow“ ab


Neuwied Galerie - Nikis Restaurant, Café und Bar

22. März 2023, Düren/ Neuwied

Jagdfeld Real Estate begrüßt neues kreatives Gastrokonzept "Nikis" in „Neuwied Galerie“


Rathaus Center Pankow - TK Maxx

17. März 2023, Düren/ Berlin

Jagdfeld Real Estate begrüßt "TK Maxx" im Berliner „Rathaus Center Pankow“


Rathaus Center Pankow/Forum Köpenick - Triple Leasing Erfolg

01. März 2023, Düren/ Berlin

Triple-Leasing-Erfolg: MEDIMAX im „Rathaus Center Pankow“ / Pandora und Asia Gourmet im „Forum Köpenick“


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Detailed example of small but effective measures:

Medium to large-scale conversions are often carried out in real estate properties, particularly in the course of strategic new/re-letting. Through JAGDFELD RE Technical Services GmbH, we realize these completely in-house under one roof, from planning to construction management and completion.

One example of this type of project is the Teck-Center in Kirchheim unter Teck, which is managed by JAGDFELD RE Management GmbH. Here, the fashion company Charles Vögele was followed by the food retailer Netto Marken-Discount in the re-letting of 1,450m2 of space. The popular local supplier has installed a strong frequency anchor, which – especially after the corona experience – provides additional and more predictable stability in the center.