Repositioning with LIMBIC®

Needs-based (re-)positioning of shopping centers with LIMBIC®

The bricks-and-mortar retail sector is facing major challenges: Shopping centers and retail parks are in fierce competition with online retail, which is gaining more and more market share.

Only Jagdfeld Real Estate has the modern analysis tool with which we can (re)position your shopping centers and retail parks holistically and precisely according to the needs of your target groups in the catchment area. With our patent-protected LIMBIC® retail management, we are able to recognize the future customers of your shopping centers and better understand their needs. With LIMBIC® Expansion Management, we can also offer retailers who want to expand and are looking for the optimum location with the best possible conditions.

LIMBIC® is based on scientifically recognized findings from brain research, psychology and evolutionary biology and combines these with empirical consumer research. This makes customer behavior more predictable. This is because more than 90 % of purchasing decisions are made unconsciously. LIMBIC® reveals the reasons for these decisions and assigns all people in Germany aged 14 and over to one of seven LIMBIC® types.


Based on around 50,000 customer interviews, we not only tell you what makes your seven customer groups tick, but also, via the microm LIMBIC®-Types, where they live and which LIMBIC®-Type group is the strongest in your region, down to a household size of 6 households.

With LIMBIC® we start where conventional socio-demographic studies have their limits, namely with emotions.

Charles or Ozzy?

A common socio-demographic customer description says, for example: “male customer, about 65 years old, two children, millionaire , lives in a castle”.
This description applies to both Charles, The Prince of Wales and Black Sabbath singer Ozzy “The Prince of Darkness” Osbourne. Even if the socio-demographic data match, both are guaranteed to prefer different brands and store in different stores.

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