LIMBIC® expansion management

We make your location search more qualified and successful!

Are you a retailer looking to expand and looking for the ideal location?
We are your contact!
With LIMBIC®-EXPANSIONS-MANAGEMENT, we offer you an individual solution at the best possible conditions.

Thanks to our nationwide presence and the exclusive LIMBIC® acquisition tool, we are able to make your expansion more successful right from the start.

With LIMBIC® expansion management, we distinguish between the so-called LIMBIC® types, who prefer certain brands, colors and shapes when consuming. But also spatial environments that are determined by lighting conditions, for example. In turn, your brand has a different effect on each of these consumer types.

In three steps we bring you to “your” consumers: 

  1. We analyze which LIMBIC® type has a particular affinity for your brand.
  2. We define the quantitatively highest density of your preferred consumer type.
  3. We are looking for and negotiating locations. Exactly where the majority of your brand-affine customers live and shop.

We can tell you what makes German customers tick, what effect your brand has on the customer and which and how many types live in what proportion in the catchment area in your preferred locations!

This enables us to acquire the right locations and negotiate the best conditions. Because we start where conventional socio-demographic studies stop.

A common socio-demographic target group description for a specific catchment area is as follows:

Nationality: German
Gender: Male
Age: 60 – 65 years
Income: > 1 million EUR/p. a.
Children: > 3
Residence/ Status: detached house
Profession: Business graduate

This target group description is more precise than those used to determine property and location qualities. However, it applies to both the music producer and pianist Dieter Bohlen and the CSU politician and amateur pianist Peter Ramsauer. It can be taken for granted that each of them represents a different value system and is likely to make completely different purchases.
And this is one of the reasons why many companies, especially those from abroad (LINDEX, GAP, NEWLOOK COTTON ON…) have come to a standstill with their expansion and in some cases have disappeared from the German market.

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