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Using the unconscious consciously

We don’t want to be mainstream: Because shopping centers and retail parks are and will remain an urban retail location and meeting place for customers. But who are the customers today and in the future? To answer this question, Jagdfeld Real Estate began using LIMBIC® in 2014 to capture customers’ emotions, uncover unconscious decision-making patterns and make them usable for retail.

Jagdfeld Real Estate holds the worldwide unique license to use the LIMBIC®-Types and the LIMBIC®-Map in the development, revitalisation and management of retail properties.

LIMBIC® Retail Management

We create appeal in the properties we manage with a modern approach. Because with LIMBIC® we can understand the consumer better.


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What is LIMBIC®?

LIMBIC® is based on generally recognized scientific findings from brain research, psychology and evolutionary biology and combines these with empirical consumer research. This makes customer behavior more predictable, even though over 90% of purchasing decisions are made unconsciously.

When does Jagdfeld Real Estate actually use LIMBIC®?

LIMBIC® reveals these unconscious reasons for decision-making and assigns all people in Germany aged 14 and over to one of seven behavioral patterns, the LIMBIC® type. This enables us to determine the ideal target group for a retail property as a brand in the context of its surroundings.

Which customer is assigned to which LIMBIC® type?

With the help of the LIMBIC® types, the target groups are divided into neuropsychological segments. The LIMBIC® types segment consumers into emotional personality structures.

According to this, the limbic model classifies seven types of consumers and consumer behavior:

  • Adventurer
  • Performer
  • Disciplined
  • Traditionalists
  • Harmonizer
  • Open
  • Hedonists

The LIMBIC® types represent different emotional personality structures. The diagram shows the neuropsychological segmentation of the target group.

Approximately 25,000 consumers are representative typed every six months, i.e. 50,000 customers per year. In this way, the LIMBIC®-Types distribution in the German population becomes visible. With the help of the best-known market media study b4p®, based on several tens of thousands of consumer interviews per year (approx. twice as many for the “Forschungsgruppe Wahlen” for the Bundestag elections), and the spatial localization of this data via a subsidiary of “Creditreform”, these types are quantified and disclosed down to six households per zip code district. In addition, representative age, gender and income distributions can be determined.

How does Jagdfeld Real Estate combine these findings with its center management?

The findings of our LIMBIC® analyses enable us to carry out a variety of evaluations across all areas of media and consumer behavior – with previously unknown possibilities for brand management.

In addition, around 400 retailers (brands) have so far been located on a limbic map and assigned according to the typology. This enables us to quickly identify the best tenants for a shopping center. Recognizing the emotional disposition and tailoring brands, products and offers to the specific subconscious behaviour patterns is the great art of analysis for the positioning of a shopping center.

What references are there for the successful use of LIMBIC®, for example?
  • Forum Köpenick
  • Rathaus-Center Pankow
  • City Center Bergedorf
  • Stuttgart market hall
  • KOMM Offenbach

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