Spreebogen Plaza Berlin

  • Fläche: ca. 22.300 m²
  • Hauptmieter: ASK, DFMG Deutsche Funkturm, ERF Europäische Funkrundsteuerung, IAV
  • Baujahr: 1994
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Plaza Frankfurter Allee Berlin

  • Fläche: ca. 38.000 m²
  • Hauptmieter: Edeka, iB Berlin Brandenburg gGmbH, NFON, IUBH
  • Eröffnung: 1995
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Detecon Bonn

  • Hauptmieter: GMG/Deutsche Telekom
  • Fläche: ca. 26.230 m²
  • Baujahr: 1992
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Jagdfeld Real Estate | Office: That’s why we

Our office experts have decades of in-depth experience in the commercial and technical management of a wide range of office properties. Our approach to all-encompassing real estate management is naturally sustainable and efficient, and our service is fast and pragmatic. Satisfied and solvent tenants ensure our clients’ business success, high profitability and a long-term increase in the market value of their office properties.

Our services

  • Sustainable Securing yields through efficient land marketing
  • Multichannel marketing with our personal customer and broker network
  • Suitable rental offers and flexible, individual and yield-oriented rental agreements
  • Optimisation of the management costs Achievement of discounted energy tariffs
  • Cost-efficient management of all service providers
  • In-house technical services
  • Recommendations for action to value optimisation
  • Transparent, daily updated, individual reporting
  • Precise Cash flow, OPEX and CAPEX –forecasts
  • Efficient space management through innovative concepts

We are always committed to personal level. Just like that, as if it were our own property. Professionals are happy to work with professionals. And private property owners enjoy the direct line from medium-sized business to medium-sized business and the clear customer orientation of our employees.


Facts and figures

Our most important key figures in the office sector

1bn € AuM
110Contractual relationships
99%Occupancy rate
250thousand m² realised office space
3.000Realised parking spaces
114thousand m² office space in leasing, property & facility management

Our aim is to improve performance, workplace and usage quality and to optimize the space and operating costs of your property. With sophisticated tools – and a lot of human expertise.

Thomas Kühl, Head of Funds Management | General Manager

Frequently asked questions

Where is Jagdfeld Real Estate active in the office sector?

Jagdfeld Real Estate operates nationwide in the office sector. One focus is currently on Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia.

Which software/ERP system does Jagdfeld Real Estate use in the office area?

Jagdfeld Real Estate uses management software from iMS, which is the market leader in Germany in the field of office real estate management, to manage its office properties. However, as our customers also include subsidiaries of DAX-listed companies, for example, we also work with SAP IS/RE classic on the client’s platform. Our highly qualified IT team will be happy to fulfill your individual wishes, e.g. in the area of database solutions.

What tasks do you deal with in office real estate management?

Jagdfeld Real Estate develops complete solutions in the office real estate sector, from investment, portfolio optimization and refurbishment or expansion through to divestment.

Do you only manage office properties?

Jagdfeld Real Estate, with its companies JAGDFELD RE Management GmbH, JAGDFELD RE Living GmbH and JAGDFELD RE Technical Services GmbH, covers all your needs in the retail, hotel, office and residential real estate sectors. Our services are geared towards larger properties and portfolios, and the various property types are managed by specialized divisions.

What services do you provide yourself?

JAGDFELD RE Management GmbH generally provides all services itself or with affiliated companies from the Jagdfeld Group. Excluded from this are maintenance, disposal and cleaning services. We provide the on-site rental and building services team as well as the central commercial and technical team. We use this to manage your needs, fulfill the property-specific requirements and coordinate and monitor all service providers.

What reporting can you present?

Jagdfeld Real Estate compiles the reporting according to your wishes. And always on time. Our standard reporting consists of a commented monthly report on open items, turnover and frequency. In addition to an illustrated marketing report, the much more detailed quarterly reporting also includes a letting, vacancy, rent expiry, index, deposit and debit position change report and an up-to-date rent roll. Of course, we also work out your annual and multi-year plans for rental income, ancillary costs, investment and non-recoverable ancillary costs in the form you require.