Residential project development

Living space is needed everywhere in Germany, in a wide variety of residential forms: classic living space, student residences, properties for assisted living, to name but a few.

Jagdfeld Real Estate has therefore not only been a residential property manager for many years, but also develops residential projects itself. Since land is scarce and valuable, the Jagdfeld RE real estate experts always find creative solutions. The current usage trend is to combine different asset classes in order to achieve vibrant mixed use: Retail, office, residential and hotel are thus merging into a single unit.

Jagdfeld Real Estate’s more than 40 years of experience in these asset classes under one roof leads to special synergies in project development. All steps are offered here from a single source:

  • Location search
  • Market analysis of suitable real estate locations (target groups, competition, environment)
  • Property selection and purchase
  • Development of creative usage concepts – from individual properties, mixed use to complete neighborhoods
  • Feasibility check
  • Profitability analysis and scheduling
  • Setting up and implementing approval procedures
  • (Pre-)acquisition of land, pre-financing, acquisition of permanent investors / owners
  • Construction planning and implementation as project coordinator with partners with many years of experience
  • Tendering and awarding of construction services
  • Supervision and coordination of all trades
  • Quality control and turnkey handover
  • Warranty management
  • Sales preparation
  • Takeover of apartment management
  • Our references

Example of successful neighborhood development

The City Center Bergedorf (CCB) near Hamburg was developed back in 1973 and expanded several times over the following years in several construction phases
and revitalized. It was deliberately built opposite the central train and bus hub and directly connected to the pedestrian zone in Bergedorf city center. It is therefore an integral part of the city.

In addition to local amenities, the CCB offers exciting shopping with 80 specialist stores and catering units on a total of 36,500 m² as well as a comprehensive range of services on a total of 11,000 m² of office and practice space.

With 5,400 m² of living space, the 90 residential units in the tower offer a prime residential location in Bergedorf thanks to their magnificent views.

In addition to a medical center with 19 specialists and a recognized eye clinic, the CCB also houses the service center of the Bergedorf district and the health department. Services such as the multi-label parcel store and two bank branches round off the “small town in the city”. 1,200 parking spaces in the basement of the building and in the parking garage opposite below the ZOB enable people to arrive and stay in comfort. The constantly updated and innovative program of activities within the center and a house of worship integrated into the building provide numerous social and cultural impulses and thus qualitative coexistence.

Project development with the Haschtmann Group

For more than 30 years, the Jagdfeld Group held a 50% stake in the Haschtmann Unternehmens-Group and realized around 130 residential construction projects with an investment volume of around 900 million in Berlin and Potsdam. You can find our reference list here. In this collaboration, we concentrated on the construction of new apartments and were involved in projects 1-130. A total of 3,114 residential units were developed and some were sold.

Example of mixed-use development

Another possible solution for making efficient use of coveted land in city centers is to combine retail and residential space. In this way, existing retail “flats”, such as full-range supermarkets, can be expanded to include residential units. Provided the statics play along. Or these “piggyback constellations” are developed from the outset as mixed-use assets. This means that the tenants’ local supply is guaranteed directly in the same property right from the start. And the retail partner directly gains a few new customers. A current project study on this model is available from DI
here for you

Architects Naujack Rind Hof GmbH

Example of student housing

Finding suitable accommodation at the university remains a major challenge for our young academics. As close as possible to the educational institution, with good transport links to the city center, well equipped in terms of infrastructure and affordable. Jagdfeld Real Estate has developed a concept based on the example of the university city of Essen with almost 45,000 students: Project development of approx. 100 micro-apartments, approx. 2 km from the university.


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