Car Park Management

Managing parking garages as assets

Whether shopping center, retail park or office building: they all need parking spaces. While many competitors only take care of them stepmotherly, parking garages are assets for Jagdfeld Real Estate just like any other property.

Everyone knows the phenomenon: You drive into the parking garage of a shopping center and have a free choice, but the stores are packed. Reason: There are enough cheaper places in the immediate vicinity. Or you can’t get a space at any time because many cars are parked there for hours to run errands in neighboring stores because the rate is too low. Unfortunately, the management of parking garages often leaves a lot to be desired in many respects.

Individual parking garage management for greater profitability

This is where Jagdfeld Real Estate comes in with its specially developed and tried-and-tested parking garage management system, which analyzes each location individually. Automatic recording systems and modern IT/ EDP are used for this, as is the systematic observation of the respective conditions by our employees on site.

This is by no means just about purely quantitative aspects such as the number of cars, entry and exit times, parking duration or the day of the week. Profitability can only be achieved through further investigation, which focuses primarily on qualitative criteria. For example, a parking garage with below-average capacity utilization can be made economically successful by opening it to third parties – either temporarily, generally or for recurring periods.

Constant analysis of the tenant mix is therefore also essential with this form of space management. This is how we turn parking garages into genuine real estate assets that make their own independent revenue contributions.

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