The principles of conduct of Jagdfeld Real Estate are equally binding for all shareholders, management and employees and are set out in detail in our compliance guidelines. Our shareholders and management are committed to treating our employees with respect and enabling them to comply with the Code of Conduct and give it substance.

All employees of Jagdfeld Real Estate are familiar with the compliance guidelines and undertake to follow these principles of conduct in the performance of their professional activities.

The management of Jagdfeld Real Estate exercises the due care and transparency required to comply with the guidelines and has appointed a compliance officer, Dr. Christian Plöger, for this purpose. All employees are encouraged to report suspected violations of the Code of Conduct and to seek advice if any questions arise. The compliance officer has a special position vis-à-vis Jagdfeld Real Estate in order to protect the confidentiality of communication with regard to the information disclosed. Once a year, he informs all employees about ensuring compliance guidelines.


We are committed to treating our business partners, competitors and other stakeholders with fairness and honesty. Unfair advantage through manipulation, concealment, misuse of confidential information and data or other unfair practices are taboo for us.

Jagdfeld Real Estate does not tolerate any form of bribery or corruption on the part of its shareholders, managing directors and employees or their business partners and consultants. Nor do we tolerate facilitation payments that could be aimed at accelerating or securing the provision of services or the provision of products to which Jagdfeld Real Estate is entitled.

We do not do business with other partners that are associated with illegal and/or unethical business practices. Jagdfeld Real Estate’s integrity policy is defined in more detail in the compliance guidelines through the fulfillment of a risk-oriented duty of care (due diligence).

Your contact person

Dr. Christian Plöger

Compliance Officer (TÜV)

Tel: +49 30 2094 6779