Vision – Mission – Values

We take responsibility


We are not all on this earth just like that. Everyone has their task, their place and their responsibility here. We are fully aware of our role and actively shape it with great pleasure. Everything we do has a positive impact on our community: our employees, our business partners and their customers.

As we live in this interconnected world, enjoying everything we do is particularly important to us. This makes our work results exceptional. This is how we create joy that reaches everyone and comes back to us.


“Everything that is done with joy becomes very good and in turn creates joy.”

Benedikt Jagdfeld, Owner & CEO

Our corporate vision

What is the aim of our company, why does it exist?

Corporate vision Jagdfeld Real Estate

We see ourselves in a world in which everyone has the right living environment for them. They feel comfortable here, are satisfied and feel joy. This allows them to realize their full potential. Economic, ecological and social aspects are equally harmonized.

Our corporate mission

How do we want to fulfill our vision through our work?

Corporate mission Jagdfeld Real Estate

We enjoy developing, realizing and managing the places with the best quality of life of tomorrow in a way that conserves resources.
People love to live, work, shop, spend their leisure time and relax here.


Our corporate values

How do we do our work?

Passion and joy
for our mission is what drives us.

Long experience and fresh perspectives
of different generations.


Respect and responsibility
for our world and the world to come
Generations are an obligation for us.

Down-to-earth and reliable
We live and breathe family-run entrepreneurship.

Energy and creativity
to break new ground and innovate
we encourage this.

in spirit + action, without becoming
bend, but to remain faithful,
counts for us.