Jagdfeld Real Estate – a company of the Jagdfeld Gruppe

Jagdfeld Real Estate’s broad real estate expertise goes back more than 45 years. Founder Anno August Jagdfeld’s fiduciary and tax consulting business grew into a group of companies with all the activities that still characterize the real estate business today.

In the meantime, the organizational structure of the real estate activities was divided into the DI Gruppe and several other companies. Now all areas of activity of the second-generation family business are once again bundled under one roof: the Jagdfeld Gruppe. As one of a total of six divisions in this group, Jagdfeld Real Estate, headquartered in Düren, operates along the entire real estate value chain.

It successfully develops, realizes and manages retail, office, hotel and residential properties. More than 800 properties with a volume of over five billion euros have been realized, revitalized and managed to date. Currently, almost 200 specialists manage properties worth around EUR 3 billion on a total area of around 704,000 m².

Organizational chart Jagdfeld Real Estate

The history of the “Jagdfeld Group”

Founded by Anno August Jagdfeld, the “Jagdfeld Gruppe” is a sustainable medium-sized family business with more than 500 employees, which is divided into six divisions. Founded in 1975, the Jagdfeld Gruppe’s core business is real estate – in particular publicly offered real estate investments, with which it has become one of the market leaders in Germany. The “Jagdfeld Gruppe” masters the entire value chain from conceptual design and the purchase of land/real estate to financing, sales, construction, management and reporting – for all types of apartments (vacation apartments, social housing, condominiums), shopping centers, office properties and hotels.

In over 45 years, around 800 real estate projects for more than € 5 billion have been realized, in which more than 100,000 private and institutional investors have invested. The value of all properties currently amounts to around € 15 billion.

The most prominent projects are the reconstruction of the oldest German seaside resort, including the historic “Perlenkette” and the “Grand Hotel Heiligendamm”, as well as the legendary ADLON hotel in Berlin.

Jagdfeld Group at a glance