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For clients

In which region is JAGDFELD RE Living GmbH currently active?

We manage real estate in the Cologne, Aachen, Düren, Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover and Rhine-Main regions.

Do you only manage residential properties?
No, we manage both purely residential complexes and mixed-use properties. Furthermore, JAGDFELD RE Management GmbH from our group of companies also manages commercial, office and hotel properties.

Do you also take on technical real estate management?
Yes, through JAGDFELD RE Technical Services GmbH, which is also part of our group of companies, we are also able to provide comprehensive technical support for your property. This means that we can also provide you with comprehensive advice and support for major maintenance, modernization and optimization measures or even take on the complete architectural service.

Do you have liability insurance?
Naturally, we have liability insurance that covers the liability of the funds entrusted to us as well as the liability for the performance of our activities.

Are you a member of a trade association?
Yes, we are a member of the Association of North Rhine-Westphalian Property Managers (VNWI) and are therefore subject to the professional code of conduct of the umbrella organization of German property managers. The professional code of conduct has been successfully established by the association as a binding quality criterion for the work of property managers and gives you the certainty that you are placing the management of your property in the right hands.

How do I get a concrete offer?
Please give us a call so that we can discuss the necessary key data with you and then make you a customized offer. Our management fee is based on the property-specific circumstances to be taken into account (e.g. number of residential units, garage parking spaces, etc.).

Für Mieter und Eigentümer

How can I contact the janitor and what are the office hours in the janitor's offices?
You can always reach us during normal office hours and we will take care of your problem immediately. In a “real emergency”, please contact the police / emergency number 110 or the fire department / rescue service 112 directly. If we cannot be reached, please contact the janitor responsible for you. If this is also not available, please refer to the telephone numbers of the emergency services (e.g. in the event of a heating or power failure, pipe blockages, burst water pipes, etc.) on the notices in the stairwells.
Is there an energy performance certificate for the house I live in?
Yes, if you are interested, we will be happy to send it to you free of charge by e-mail free of charge.

Can I obtain minutes of meetings, declarations of division, floor plans or floor space calculations from you?
If you are a homeowner, we will be happy to provide you with copies of the above-mentioned documents for your records for a fee.
Can I view billing documents relating to house charges or utility bills?
By prior appointment, you can inspect receipts and accounting documents in our offices. In some cases, we also offer on-site inspections.
Where can I find the house rules?
For tenants, the house rules are usually part of the tenancy agreement; for condominium owners, they are part of the declaration of division or community rules.
Where can I get information on waste disposal?
Talk to your janitor, who can always inform you about the local conditions and can usually also provide you with information material. Or take a look at the homepage of the municipality/city where you live. There you can often view and print out the annual calendar and be informed about how to dispose of bulky or special waste.
Where can I have a key copied for my apartment?
In the case of a central locking system, keys and locks can be reordered in writing, via the janitor on site or the administrator, stating the name on the key.
What notice period do I need to observe?
In the case of tenancy agreements for residential property concluded for an indefinite period, the statutory provisions of Section 573 c of the German Civil Code (BGB) “Deadlines for ordinary termination” apply. The notice period under tenancy law is therefore usually at least just under three months. The landlord must receive the notice of termination no later than the third working day of a calendar month.

Für Mietinteressenten

What requirements do I have to meet to get an apartment?
We are sure you will understand that we first need some personal data and documents from you (see “What documents are required to check whether I can rent an apartment?”) before you can rent an apartment. We would also like to get to know you. It is therefore our wish that prospective tenants view the apartment in person.
Do I also need a certificate of eligibility to rent an apartment?
Some of the properties we manage do not require a residence entitlement certificate. However, the majority of apartments can only be rented to you if you have a certificate of eligibility for housing from the relevant municipality. You can find out how this is regulated in the individual properties here.
What documents are required to check whether I can rent an apartment?
Before a possible rental, we first need some data from you, which we will of course use confidentially and exclusively to check the rental. In the event of letting, we will keep the documents for your tenant file, otherwise we will be happy to return them to you. You can find a summary of the information and documents we require in the checklist. In detail, these are a completed tenant self-disclosure, copy of the identity card/passport of the person moving in, Schufa self-disclosure (for forms see Schufa), proof of the last three salaries or a pension certificate or the unemployment certificate or the last notice of approval from the job center as well as a “previous landlord certificate”.
Do I have to pay a commission if I rent?
No. The rentals are brokerage-free and commission-free.
Are there energy performance certificates for the rental properties?
Naturally, an energy performance certificate is available for each of the residential properties we manage. If you have a legitimate interest, we will be happy to provide you with this free of charge by e-mail.
Who are the contact persons and where can I apply?
You are welcome to contact us by telephone and we will explain the property-specific features to you, or you can visit the janitor’s offices on site and get a direct impression of the property. You can find the contact details of our property managers
and those of our janitors
Do you also rent out parking spaces in addition to the apartments?
Yes, please contact us directly if you are interested. We can then check the availability of your desired property and provide you with the rental conditions.