Our network – your seal of quality

JAGDFELD RE Living GmbH is a member of the Verband der nordrhein-westfälischen Immobilienverwalter e.V. (VDIV) and is subject to the professional regulations of the Dachverband Deutscher Immobilienverwalter e. V. (DDIV).

The professional code of conduct has been successfully established by the association as a binding quality criterion for the work of real estate managers and gives you the certainty that you are placing the management of your property in the right hands.

Through our associations, we maintain close ties with politicians and know at an early stage which legislative changes are pending. We are always up to date with the help of specialist conferences, seminars and court decisions – and so are you, our customers. The professional exchange between colleagues at different levels enables a high level of innovation, which is more in demand than ever in residential real estate management.