Janitor services

Our janitor services from a single source Hand

Whether it’s a major breakdown or a simple reading of electricity and water meters, we provide you and your tenants with a dedicated contact person who will reliably and flexibly carry out the necessary tasks to ensure smooth building operation.

In addition to the visual maintenance of your property, our janitor service also includes the commissioning and supervision of repair work. This is carried out according to the requirements of the property to be managed, either by our own staff or by us managing external service providers.

Our janitor services include, among others:

  • Regular home inspection
  • Review of service contracts for optimization opportunities and renegotiation of contracts
  • Repair and maintenance work
  • Access granted for tradesmen and maintenance companies
  • Functional monitoring of the building services
  • Root cause analysis and troubleshooting
  • Compliance with the house rules
  • Green space maintenance
  • Winter service
  • Glass and building cleaning
  • Emergency service