Jagdfeld Real Estate has 40 years of experience along the value chain and the life cycle of hotel real estate. It therefore not only has an eye and a feel for the changes and the transformation to which the properties in this asset class are subject over time. It also has the expertise to professionally address these developments with suitable revitalization concepts and to actively implement and manage them.

Jagdfeld Real Estate also benefits from its many years of experience in other asset classes and the synergies of all specialists under one roof: project developers, asset and property managers, leasing experts, facility management experts, architects, marketing and PR experts. We offer the following services in conjunction with this expertise:

  • Location, target group and competition analysis
  • SWOT analysis (strengths/ weaknesses/ opportunities/ threats)
  • Strategic positioning and utilization concept
  • Revitalization concept and master plan for implementation
  • Profitability calculations
  • Structural adaptations and extensions
  • Conversion of existing areas
  • Tendering and selection of suitable technical service providers, craftsmen and construction companies involved in the refurbishment
  • Control and project management as general contractor or partial control

We are currently refurbishing these two hotel projects: