In our project study for a large full-range food retailer, the aim was to work out the combination of retail and living. The aim was to fully preserve the functionality of the large-scale retail space while meeting the requirements of modern residential construction.

In order to position the attractively designed apartments, the large roof area was designed as a central roof garden. The gallery development facing the roof garden creates the feeling of a rural, green atmosphere in the middle of the urban life of a big city.

In addition to the shared roof garden, all apartments have their own terrace or balcony. There is an underground parking garage beneath the property. This is exclusively accessible to the residents of the property and was deliberately decoupled from the public traffic of the retail space.

The retail space is accessed by sufficient customer parking spaces at ground level. The delivery corresponds to the required building specification, taking into account the required sound insulation in residential construction.

If you are interested in implementing this space-efficient development, please contact Armin Elsen directly.

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