China Club Berlin

Germany’s most exclusive club is located in the immediate vicinity of the Brandenburg Gate, on the premises of the Hotel Adlon. This is where selected members from business, society, culture and politics come together. The rooms are adorned with Chinese antiques and contemporary Chinese art. The members’ club is famous for its exquisite Chinese cuisine. The renowned chef Tam Kok Kong, internationally known as “Chef Tam”, has been creating culinary masterpieces for the China Club Berlin since 2002.

The China Club Berlin is more than just a classic business club. It sees itself as a “home away from home”. In addition to the restaurant, there is a bar, a library, private suites and the most beautiful roof terrace in Berlin.

The bar is the perfect place for a cocktail in an elegant ambience. The red satin walls, post-Maoist Red Guards in oil and polished mahogany – everything in harmony reflects a modern interpretation of the legendary Peace Bar in Shanghai.

The Private Dining Rooms impress with their individual character and are characterized by the highest Chinese lifestyle culture. These include hand-carved doors from old teahouses, hand-painted silk wallpaper, chinoiserie and many other works of art.

Further development and expansion

Following the qualitative upgrade of the PEACE BAR on the 6th floor in the same year, the extension work on the former roof terrace of the China Club Berlin The hotel is completed by a spacious and elegant 200 square meter winter garden on the 7th floor of the Hotel Adlon with a view of the Quadriga of the Brandenburg Gate. This fulfills the promise to make the former CHINA CLUB roof terrace usable all year round. The culinary offering was expanded to include a second club restaurant – the MEDINIS – with 70 indoor and almost 30 terrace seats.

Inspired by the luxurious practicality of design icon Jean-Michel Frank and the interiors of the 1930s, interior designer Anne Maria Jagdfeld has created an impressive world in the style of “Art Moderne”. The classic interior blends harmoniously with the clear lines of the contemporary glass architecture and transforms the MEDINIS into an overall visual experience.

Perfectly staged, expressionist and cubist oil paintings from the private collection of Anne Maria Jagdfeld and polished mirrors adorn the blue-covered walls.

The extension was designed and implemented by companies of the Jagdfeld Group, including Jagdfeld Real Estate in its function as the managing agent of the “Adlon Fund”.

The measures for the new MEDINIS with conservatory from 2020 to 2021:

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