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“This is where the music plays: increase values – optimize real estate.”

Our services at a glance:

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Who we are and what we do:

Our approach: asset management first

The goal is clear: optimize the risk-return ratio.

The approach: No strategy, no operational measures. That’s why Asset Management is always in the lead for all our real estate projects and controls all other trades in the interests of return-oriented performance.

This applies to properties financed by funds we set up ourselves as well as to third-party mandates.
This approach proves particularly effective in times of realignment of the real estate markets and in times of crisis.

Our Way:

Depending on the entry phase, our asset managers record and analyze the holistic value development within the life cycle of the property (purchase, portfolio optimization, sale) and derive the respective investment strategy according to the specific expectations.

Reporting geared to this and regularly updated forecasts serve to increase transparency and support the ongoing review of the investment strategy.

The corresponding operational measures from the 360° real estate value chain are implemented with the in-house team. These measures could include leasing management, revitalization, conversion, mixed used property and project (re)development (more detailed information behind each icon):

Our lineup:

We offer in-house a highly specialized, experienced and networked team of experts to act quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively, from:

  • Asset Managers
  • Leasing specialists
  • Property specialists
  • Architects and construction experts
  • Marketing specialists

Our offer for:

  • Institutional investors who lack their own internal asset management resources and are looking for an asset management service provider that offers all commercial and technical services from a single source.
  • Private equity houses that want to invest in the German real estate market and want a German AM apart from the global/European real estate service providers in order to avoid long decision-making processes and endless fee discussions
  • German or foreign pension funds and provident funds, or the like Investors with a need for strategic, commercial, leasing and/or construction support for new or optimization of existing real estate investments
  • Independent real estate owners (e.g. family offices) whose assets are at risk of “stranding” because they need to resolve post-leasing issues or need help with the implementation and/or documentation of ESG regulations
  • Project developers or asset owners looking for an experienced asset management partner to launch their own funds and/or to improve their ability to add value to their performance
  • Universal platforms with the above needs

Your contact:

Cengiz Herrmann
CEO Asset Management

JAGDFELD Asset Management GmbH

Kölnstrasse 89
52351 Düren

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+49 2421 49558 7200

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