Environment, Social, Governance (ESG)

ESG is a family issue

As a family business, we make our decision recommendations for our customers not only on the basis of economically, ecologically and socially responsible goals, but always with a view to the future. After all, sustainability is very much a family issue: as an owner-managed company, we want to be able to pass on our sustainably managed projects to the next generation of the family.

See our current article in the magazine of the German Council of Shopping Places.

Our sustainability claim

Jagdfeld Real Estate accompanies the entire real estate cycle with its entrepreneurial activities. The sustainable increase in value of the property is ensured by all the highly specialized experts at Jagdfeld Real Estate. We support the properties we manage from the initial idea and forward-looking development through to successful realization and sustainable management. In this way, we create values that retain their value over the normal life cycle of the real estate. The resulting business processes are defined and implemented in accordance with the ESG 3-pillar method with social, economic and ecological responsibility. We therefore assume long-term responsibility for our own properties and those we manage.

E for Environment –
Ecological commitment

The starting points of our ecological commitment are as diverse as the properties we manage and develop. We therefore list a few examples here:

For example, we have revised the lighting concept in our shopping centers in Kirchheim unter Teck and Berlin-Köpenick, the City Galerie Aschaffenburg, which we revitalized, the CCB Bergedorf, which we developed, and in our Berlin office and hotel building “Plaza Frankfurter Allee” according to ecological sustainability aspects. By replacing individual fluorescent luminaires with large-area LED luminaires or by using conventional downlights with LED spotlights and installing LED strip lighting, it was possible to significantly reduce the consumption of light sources. The energy savings and the associated reduction in electricity costs in Kirchheim amount to around 20%, in Berlin-Köpenick 34% and in Aschaffenburg even around 60%. In the “Plaza Frankfurter Allee” quarter in Berlin, the annual reduction in electricity consumption amounts to 120,000 kWh.

In the Hamburg City-Center Bergedorf (CCB) developed by Jagdfeld Real Estate, we have optimized the last kilometer with the help of our one-meeting point. In the spirit of one-stop shopping and the networking of online and offline shopping experiences, we have developed and established Germany’s first multi-label parcel store. A much-noticed step towards sustainable traffic relief in city centers.

In addition, waterless urinals were installed in the “Forum Köpenick” shopping center. In the shopping center in Siegen, the replacement of individual ventilation units with a central ventilation system was examined. This can achieve savings of 60 % in heating and cooling energy. This will also significantly reduce maintenance costs.

But sustainability is also one of our most important principles at the Jagdfeld Real Estate headquarters. We are pursuing the vision of a sustainable, paperless office and are continuously working on the digitalization of our workplaces.

By switching our entire vehicle fleet to sustainable electric cars, we are also pursuing the goal of reducing CO² emissions and thus making a climate-friendly contribution to the preservation of our living space and to a responsible real estate industry.

S for Social –
Social commitment

Jagdfeld Real Estate supports various initiatives as part of its ESG strategy (Environment, Social, Governance), both as a company and through the personal activities of Jagdfeld’s owners. Since 2015, these have included the following:

  • Association of Friends and Supporters of the Synagogal Ensemble Berlin e.V.
  • Verein “Für Pankow e.V.” (e.g. support for the restoration of the three-part entrance portal of the Bürgerpark Pankow, built around 1865 and modeled on Italian triumphal arches)
  • Jülich Girls’ High School Support Association
  • Sonnenhof children’s hospice in Berlin Pankow for its voluntary work in caring for terminally ill children, adolescents and young adults
  • Solling boarding school in Holzminden through rhetoric and personality training for pupils
  • City marketing in Homburg for the Christmas decorations in the Eisenbahnstraße pedestrian zone
  • High school in Jülich donates books for the library
  • St. Franz-Sales Kindergarten Jülich e.g. with donations for children’s play equipment
  • ASP support association of the city of Düren for the establishment of an adventure playground in Düren
  • Sponsoring of the soccer club FC Germania 09 Kirchberg e.V.

G for Governance –
Sustainable corporate governance

Jagdfeld Real Estate is characterized by the wealth of experience of its employees. The long service of the workforce – on average over 10 years – and the low fluctuation, which is almost exclusively due to retirement, results in an average age structure of the “mid-agers”.

In order to counteract the demographic development in the company, the Group regularly provides training in the various professional fields (commercial and technical property management, IT department). Once the agreed training objective has been achieved, the trainees are offered permanent employment.

In line with the corporate culture, all employees provide trainees with an important component of their training in their respective areas of expertise and specialty. This also includes training trainees in social skills and involving them in social commitment.

Maintaining the health of employees is a high priority in the Group and is promoted with the help of health management and ergonomic workplace equipment and settings. This also includes the daily provision of fresh organic fruit, the offer of weekly yoga and back exercise classes and the opportunity to use the garden at the headquarters in Düren. The company also employs 19 trained first aiders and 14 trained fire safety assistants.

In order to reduce the emission of particulate matter in the offices and save energy at the same time, the technology used in the remaining multifunctional copying/printing/scanning systems is regularly checked and optimized. Inkjet systems are currently being tested instead of laser systems in order to meet the increased requirements mentioned above.

Jagdfeld Real Estate has converted the majority of its administrative and management workplaces, particularly at its headquarters in Düren, but also – where possible – in its real estate properties, to the option of mobile working. This enables employees to deal with special circumstances, such as the increased hygiene requirements in times of health crisis. An alternating work system with variable on-site and home office time significantly reduces transportation costs from home to work, reduces thecarbon footprint and leads to efficiency gains in work design as well as increased employee well-being.

Many other measures that put Jagdfeld Real Estate’s ESG strategy into practice are described in detail in our Sustainability Code: